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Summertime in Liptov

For tourists, the Liptov region is the most sought after destination in Slovakia thanks to its excellent location and many natural wonders. It is surrounded by mountains from all sides: High Tatras from the North, Western Tatras and Choc Mountains from the South, Low Tatras from the West and Greater Fatra and Poprad Valley from the East.

The hikers can choose from a wide spectrum of marked trails ranging from easy to very difficult hikes. There are a few "must do" hikes in Liptov which definitely are  unforgettable: Ďumbier, Bystrá, Veľký Choč, Baranec, Jakubiná, Salatín or Poludnica. Very popular hikes are the traverses along the mountain edges of Low Tatras or Greater Fatra. Some of the most picturesque trails are the valleys of Prosiecka, Kvačianska and Demänovska dolina. Especially during a summertime, it is wonderful to be able to combine the hiking with the water sports or just relaxing by the water. There is a lot of fun activities in aquapark Tatralandia ( 6 km) and Gino Paradise Bešeňová ( 15 km) where we can offer you some very interesting discounts off the regular admission prices.  The rivers of Liptov are perfect for rafting, Liptovska Mara reservoir is admired for its beauty, water sports or fishing.
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Liptov region is well known to all the professionals and amateurs of bicycling: There are many bicycle rental places, many bicycle trails, adapted to the individual likings. You can choose an easy trail and see some historical places along the way or just the pure beauty of the region, or you can knock yourself out at the higher, mountainous locations of the High and Low Tatra trails.
Thousands of domestic and international visitors are drawn yearly to admire the beauty of the underground world of the Liptov region which is particularly well known for its cave system due to which, the region is known to be called the Liptov Karst.  On the North part of Low Tatras, in Demanovska Valley, there is so called Demanovsky Karst with its dominating 35 km long system of  Demanova caves. In Demanovska Valley, you can visit 2 caves belonging to that system: The Ice Cave and the Demanovska Cave of Liberty which is one of the most beautiful caves in Europe that are open to the public. Just nearby Demanovska Valley's  famous caves, there is other system of caves in Janska Valley - called  Stanisovska Cave.
One of the cultural and historical sites worth visiting while in Liptov region is definitely the  archeological  site Havranok, just above the Liptovska mara reservoir, the important, religious center of the Celts living in Slovakia during the Iron Age and the Roman Era ( 300-100 BC).  The open air museum of the Liptov Village at Pribilina is an interesting exposition portraying the life of a typical village in the past. The village of Vlkolinec, listed since 1993 as the UNESCO World Heritage site is another "must see". It is a remarkably intact settlement with the traditional features of a central European village. It is the region’s most complete group of these kinds of traditional log houses, often


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